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The Therapeutic School and Preschool

private special education school nj - Therapeutic School logoThe Therapeutic School and Preschool
570 Belleville Avenue
Belleville, New Jersey 07019
Phone: (973) 450-3123


Population Served:
ADD-ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, Behavior, Intellectual-Cognitive Disabilities, LD-Dyslexia, Mood Disorders, Psychiatric, Speech-Apraxia.

Age Served:Elementary, Middle School, High School, 18-21

Counties Served:
Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Morris, Passaic, Sussex, Union

private special education school nj - Therapeutic School student and teacherProgram Description:
The Therapeutic School and Preschool is a private non-profit school accredited by The New Jersey State Department of Education. The School accepts children ages 3-14 who are classified preschool disabled, multiply disabled, and behaviorally disabled. Children classified with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) are served from age 3-21. A life skills and transition to work program is available.

The school provides a psychotherapeutic education to children, who, because of their special needs, are unable to attend a regular preschool or public school. If a child has a problem learning, playing, communicating, or getting along with others, the Therapeutic School and Preschool is a place that will help. Early intervention therapy provides each child with the opportunity to develop his/her optimal potential.

A variety of techniques including Applied Behavioral Analysis for our learners with ASDs and intensive play therapy for children with severe behavioral disorders provide unique programs. Positive rewards help the children internalize their gains and foster emotional growth. A carefully implemented Individual Educational Plan is devised and followed for each child. The educational program meets the New Jersey State Department of Education Core Curriculum Standards. The school is a certified testing site for the New Jersey State Department of Education. The staff is trained in Crisis Prevention Intervention.

private special education school nj - Therapeutic School teacher with students in the classroomTechnology is available in a computer laboratory with internet access. Classrooms are also equipped with computers, laptops and smart boards. Art, music, and adaptive physical education provide the children with skills and enriching experiences.

Our students also explore the community and make learning fun by going on field trips to museums, live theater, the zoo and the circus.

As part of a full service mental health clinic, the school has many resources available. Individual and group counseling is available to all families including siblings.

Parent-teacher meetings are held throughout the year. Parent conferences with staff and visitation to the classroom are encouraged.

An extended summer school session prevents academic and social regression. The summer program also includes cultural and age-appropriate experiences for the children. A “Life Skills” program is available for our 14-21 year old young adults with ASDs.