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Mount Carmel Guild Academy

private special education school nj - Mount Carmel Guild School and Preschool logoMount Carmel Guild Academy
236 Hoover Avenue
Bloomfield, NJ 07003
Phone: 973-639-6622

Email: JD’

Population Served:
ADD-ADHD, Aspergers, Autism, Behavior, LD-Dyslexia, Psychiatric/Mood Disorders, Speech-Apraxia

Age Served:

Counties Served:
Bergen, Essex, Hudson

Program Description:

private special education school nj - Mount Carmel Guild School and Preschool studentsThe Mount Carmel Guild Academy serves elementary school-aged children who are eligible for special education and related services. Core Curriculum Content Standards are taught using a development approach and ABA/Discrete trials.

Related services include:

  • Speech & Language – receptive & expressive language skills, augmentative communication, oral motor therapy & feeding therapy
  • Occupational therapy – sensory integration, fine motor, visual motor & visual perceptual skills
  • Play therapy – feeling identification & expression, social skills & anger management
  • Physical therapy – sensory motor development, gait & mobility training, gross motor skills
  • Music therapy – creative movement, chime choirs, singing
  • Nursing – vision & dental screening, medication administration, parent /doctor liaison
  • Therapy Dog – socialization and communication skills, focus and attention, tactile experience/sensory integration

private special education school nj - Mount Carmel Guild School and Preschool - students with Therapy DogBehavior Modification

A token economy rewards appropriate behavior; stickers are given every 1/2 hour and an end of the day reward for earning 80%. Picture schedules are used as visual cues for appropriate behavior and verbal praise as a reinforcer.

Parent Education/Support Group meets regularly, giving parents an opportunity to exchange ideas and concerns about the challenges of rearing children with special needs.


  • Fall Meet & Greet for parents and teachers/therapists
  • Notebook for parent/school communication daily in backpack
  • Accessibility to school nurse for health questions & concerns
  • All staff available by phone or in person consults upon request

Mount Carmel Guild Academy is in compliance with Least Restrictive Environment Requirements of IDEA.