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Help for Educators

Teachers are often in the best position to identify children with special needs.

If you’re a teacher who is concerned that your student may not be learning or developing normally, there are appropriate steps to take to make sure they get the services they may need and be entitled to under federal and state law.

A referral for Special Education assessment can be made by anyone involved with the child’s education and development, including teachers, social workers, psychologists, principals, or a school’s Child Study Team. Parents who believe their child is having serious problems in school can also make a written request for school evaluations at any time.

Assistance from Experienced Professionals

Each of our members is more than a school. Private special education schools often offer comprehensive solutions for every student, even those with more challenging, complex disabilities, and frequently provide assistance to public schools who are working to serve children in district placements.

Many Alliance member schools provide high quality consultation services for public Schools and agencies in support of the in-district needs of students. Click here to learn more about the range of services available from experts at member private schools.