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The Referral Process for Educators

Do You Know a Student Who You Believe May Need Special Education?

A referral for Special Education assessment can be made by anyone involved with the child’s education and development, including the parents, teacher, principal, pediatrician, or Child Study Team (CST).

Teachers are often in the best position to identify children with special needs, since they are usually conscious of the typical rates of development, learning, and information processing of children in the age group they are teaching.

If you are concerned that your student may not be learning or developing normally, here are the steps to take:

  • Document the interventions, accommodations, and modifications you have tried, including dates. Collect data to measure progress.
  • If you have exhausted your own resources and the student is not making measurable progress, you have evidence that your student may require special education. It is time to make a referral to the Child Study Team – your referral must be made in writing.